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Social Core Values ​​- Prosperity, Democracy, Civilization, Harmony, Freedom, Equality, Impartiality, Legality, Patriotism, Professionalism, Honesty, Friendlyness

Dawning Kinssey aims: to use our products to make our customers healthier and happier

Twilight Kinsman's Quality Policy: The Most Valuable of Life Quality First Customer Satisfaction

TDK’s core values: integrity, harmony, happiness, thanksgiving, innovation, success,

Twilight and Spirit: Seeking Truth from Facts

TANG Kwong Management staff ethic: a strong sense of professionalism, high sense of responsibility, advanced sense of innovation, tenacious fighting spirit, noble ideology, fair and just principles, honesty, self-discipline, professional quality.

Twilight and Gentleman Employee ethic: life-honored, honest, considerate, honest, tolerant, benevolent, gratitude.

Practicing - loyalty, dedication, diligence, improvement, compliance, cooperation

Rely on innovation and development of Twilight and Development: Rely on good faith to lay the foundation II. Win the market by quality. 3. Expand by innovation. 4. Rely on harmony and sustainable development. 5. Rely on the government to become bigger and stronger.

If we say that product quality is the life of an enterprise, then corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise. Strengthening corporate culture construction is to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.